May 2023:

-Congrats to Zane Fang on the Best Flash Talk award on YPA symposium 2023!

May 2023:

-Congrats to Medha who received two prestigious award during graduation ceremony: Yale MCDB Boell prize (for excellence in research) and the Yale MCDB Belknap prize (for academic excellence in biological studies).

April 2023:

-Congrats to Xiaoyu (Ariel) Zhou on the Best Oral Presenter award on HTI 2023! Well deserved!

March 2023:

-Welcome Jake and Harry for rotation in the lab

January 2023:
-Congrats on Xiaoyun’s new paper published on Nature Biotechnology! News and comments on our new paper:

October 2022:
-Welcome Xinyu to the lab

September 2022:
-Welcome Shawn to the lab

August 2022:
-Welcome Zac and Emma to the lab

July 2022:
-Welcome Chuanpeng to the lab

May 2022:
-Our alumni Gabby Gabel is graduating with high honors (majoring in biology and society with a minor in global health and law) from Cornell next month. After graduation, will be working for Morgan Stanley in NYC. Congrats!

Apr 2022:
-Congrats to Dr. Paul Renauer for his successful thesis defense!

Mar 2022:
-Welcome Liqun for joining the lab
-Welcome Luojia for joining the lab
-Welcome Zhangliang for rotation
-Welcome Yanzhi for rotation
-Congrats on Lupeng, Jon, Vino, QJ for Cell metabolism paper:

Jan 2022:
-Welcome Liqun for rotation
-Welcome Luojia for rotation

November 2021:
-Congrats to Dr. Jonathan Park for a successful thesis defense!
-Congrats to Jon for his single-first-author paper published on Cell Patterns!

October 2021:
-Congrats to Dr. Ryan Chow for a successful thesis defense!
-Congrats to Dr. Matt Dong for successfully defending his thesis!

September 2021:
-Congrats to Nipun on being selected for the Holman Pathway Postdoctoral Fellowship!
-Congrats to Jon for winning “people’s choice” presentation award at NCI Cancer Systems Biology meeting.
-Welcome Jared and Angie to the lab!

August 2021:
-Welcome our new members Skylar from Berkeley and Shan from Munich/Germany !

July 2021:
-Congrats to Lupeng on securing a faculty / PI position!

June 2021:
-Congrats to Medha, Emily, Devin, Erica and Arianny for winning various summer research fellowships! Welcome our new undergrads! Enjoy the summer!

May 2021:
-Welcome Zane and Wenlong to our lab!
-Congrats to Class of 2021 Johanna, Jerry, Stanley and Viola, our awesome seniors!
-Congrats to Johanna on receiving the MCDB Boell Prize!

April 2021:
-Welcome to Kaiyuan, a new MCGD PhD student who joined our lab!
-Congrats to Ryan for receiving the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans! YSM article, profile

January 2021:
-Congrats to Ryan and Medha for their paper in Nature Communications!
-Farewell to Guangchuan, Youssef, and Yaying! Guangchuan is now a Professor at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Youssef is now an Assistant Professor at Tulane University. Yaying is now a Surgeon at Tongji Hospital.

December 2020:
-Welcome Nipun to the lab!
-Congrats to Dr. Adan on his successful thesis defense!

October 2020:
-Welcome Andrew, Sophia, and Kazushi to the lab!
-Congrats to Vino, Jon, Matt, and colleagues/collaborators for their paper in Molecular Cell!

September 2020:
-Congrats to Ryan, Johanna and colleagues for their paper in Nature Biomedical Engineering! pegFinder was mentioned in a Technology Feature in Nature Methods.

August 2020:
-Welcome Meizhu to the lab!
-Congrats to Guangchuan, Ryan, Lvyun, Zhigang, and colleagues for their paper in Cancer Discovery!
-Congratulations to Guangchuan for his new position as a Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cell Biology Institute!
-Congrats to Paul for receiving the Lo Fellowship for Excellence in Stem Cell Research!
-Congrats to Jonathan for his bioRxiv preprint on metaviromic machine learning analysis!
-Congrats to Vino, Jonathan, and Matt for their bioRxiv preprint on SARS-CoV-2 Nsp1 in collaboration with Yong Xiong’s lab!

May 2020:
-Congrats to Krista on receiving the MCDB Boell Prize!
-Congrats to Alon on receiving the MCDB Belknap Prize!
-Congrats to Stanley on receiving the Domestic Summer Award (DSA)!
-Congrats to Won-Ho for the Dean’s Research Fellowship!
-Congrats to Medha on receiving the First Year Online Research Fellowship!
-Our prime editing pegRNA designer web portal is online!
Accompanying bioRxiv manuscript: PDF

April 2020:
-Sidi is chosen as the 2020 UChicago MBSAA Distinguished Alumni Award for Early Achievement!
-Congrats to Alon for his successful master’s thesis defense and his acceptance to the Tri-Institutional PhD program at Rockefeller/MSK/Cornell!
-Congrats to Erting for her acceptance into the UChicago Institute of Molecular Engineering program!
-Best wishes for Chris as a consultant with Boston Consulting Group (BCG)!
-Congrats to Johanna for receiving the Alexander Hixon fellowship!
-Congrats to Ryan for his bioRxiv preprint on the relationship between the aging lung and SARS-CoV-2!
-Congrats to Skylar Ford on her admission to UPenn!

March 2020:
-Sidi receives the Era of Hope Scholar Award from the Department of Defense!

February 2020:
-Ryan receives an F30 fellowship from NIH/NCI!
-Johanna is selected for the Amgen Summer Fellowship!

January 2020:
-Welcome Ping, Alan, and Victor to the lab!

November 2019:
-Welcome Feifei to the lab!

October 2019:
-Congrats to Guangchuan, Ryan and colleagues for their paper now out in Nature Immunology!

Radio intro of MAEGI by Sidi

Other selected news of MAEGI
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– Welcome Dr. Cun Liao as a visiting scholar

September 2019:
-Congrats to Lupeng, Jonathan, Matt and colleagues for their paper now out in Nature Biotechnology!

– Welcome Dr. Qin Han as a visiting / sabatical Professor

August 2019:
-Congrats to Matt, Guangchuan, Ryan, Lupeng and colleagues for their paper now out in Cell !

-Welcome Alon, Josh and WonHo as Yale College Students for Research

July 2019:
-Welcome Zhiyuan Chu (Visiting Undergraduate Student) and Erting Tang (Visiting Undergraduate Student) to the lab!

June 2019:
-Welcome Paul Clark (Senior Scientist), Kristin Kim (Visiting Undergraduate Student), and Skylar Ford (High School Student) to the lab!
-Xiaoyun wins the Revson senior fellowship for her project on CAR-T development!

May 2019:
-Congrats to Sidi for being named a 2019 Blavatnik Awardee!
-Lei Vino Peng joined the lab as a postdoc!
-Adan is awarded an F31 fellowship from NIH/NCI!

March 2019:
-Xiaoyu Ariel Zhou joined the lab as a postdoc!
-Congrats to Ryan, Guangchuan, Lupeng and colleagues for their paper now out in Nature Methods!

February 2019:
-Congrats to Xiaoyun, Jonathan and colleagues for their paper now out in Nature Methods!
-Congrats to Adan, Paul, Guangchuan, Ryan and colleagues for their paper now out in Cell Systems!
-Website is re-created via WordPress
-Sidi receives NCI support to model and identify cancer drivers and immunotherapy modulators

January 2019:
-Sidi is named as an Innovator under 35 in Biotechnology & Medicine (China) by the MIT Technology Review! Link

November 2018:
-Dr. Lvyun Zhu joined the lab as a visiting professor
-Sidi receives support to solve an NCI provocative question

September 2018:
-Sidi is awarded an NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (DP2)! Link
-Sidi is named a Distinguished Scientist by the Sontag Foundation! Link

August 2018:
-Yaying Du joined the lab as a postdoc!
-Lab receives support from The Mary Kay Foundation

March 2018:
-Li Zhang joined the lab as an associate research scientist!
-Quanjun Yang joined the lab as an associate research scientist!

January 2018:
-Congrats for Guangchuan and Ryan for their Science Advances paper!

December 2017:
-Dr. Zhigang Bai joined the lab as a visiting professor

August 2017:
-Congrats to Ryan, Chris and Guangchuan, together with Randy and Florian at ETH, for their Nature Neuroscience paper!
-Jonathan Park joined the lab as an MD-PhD student
-Ray Kim joined the lab as a technician
-Paul Renauer joined the lab as a PhD student
-Lupeng Ye joined the lab as a postdoc
-Krista Chen, Stanley Lam, Johanna Shen and Jerry Zhou joined the lab
-Lab receives support from St-Baldrick’s Foundation, Breast Cancer Alliance, Cancer Research Institute, DoD, and The V Foundation

April 2017:
-Sidi is awarded a NextGen Grant for Transformative Cancer Research by the AACR! Link
-Guangchuan is awarded the CRI Irvington fellowship for immunotherapy research!

-Ryan Chow joined the lab as an MD-PhD student
-Guangchuan receives RJ Anderson Postdoctoral Fellowship
-Guangchuan Wang, Youssef Errami and Xiaoyun Dai joined the lab as postdocs
-Adan Codina and Chris Guzman joined the lab as PhD students
-Michael Martinez joined the lab as a technician
-Lab receives support from Melanoma Research Alliance and American Cancer Society

-Matthew Dong joined the lab as an MD-PhD student
-Lab receives support from Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
-Lab Started!

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