Positions available (Standard):
We are open to highly motivated scientists at all levels to work on exciting on-going directions, especially cancer immunology and technology development. These multi-year projects are supported by various sources of funding. 


Associate Research Scientist (ARS) Yale University West Campus
Position Focus:

Manage and assist animal research projects and colony management. Performs animal care, management, research, experiments, and laboratory techniques. This position is primarily in animal model research in cancer and immunology, and will assist scientific research of various projects in the lab, under supervision of PI and senior lab members. 

#Principal Responsibilities:
As lab management team, maintains basic laboratory functions and logistics in animal research, care and compliance.

  • Manage animal colony; daily check of animal colony; take care of sick animals.
  • Weaning, genotyping, crosses and euthanasia.
  • Keep records and compiles information related to animal research and logistics, provide verbal and written reports. Prep weekly and/or monthly report summary.
  • Communicate with lab members and animal care teams closely for animal research and care.
  • Assist PI and lab manager to communicate with compliance and facility entities such as EHS, IRB, IACUC, VCS, YARC
  • Perform additional functions incidental to research activities, as directed by the PI, lab manager, or PI-designated senior lab members.
  • Interacts with internal contacts including the PI, research assistants, graduate students, Radiation Safety and Biological Safety officers, and Animal Care personnel to discuss and evaluate research results and to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the laboratory.
  • Interacts with external contacts such as researchers at other institutions, staff at biotechnology and reagents companies to consult on research methods and to keep abreast of product information and developments.
  • Opportunities to participate in various projects as appropriate assigned by the PI.
  • May perform other duties as assigned by PI.

#Required Education and Experience:
PhD Degree in a biomedical scientific discipline and 3 year+ experience in animal work.

Skills & Abilities

  1. Experience with animal work in breeding, complex crosses, genotyping, cell isolation and disease models.
  2. Experience in care and euthanasia of sick animals.
  3. Skilled with molecular biology, cellular biology (such as cloning, cell culture, viral vector, cryopreservation).
  4. Experience in Immunology, Immune cell isolation, FACS, assays.
  5. Strong, prompt and clear organization.
  6. Strong writing and verbal communications.
  7. Team player.

Position Duration:  Fixed Duration 1 year from hire, renewable based on funding, performance, etc.

Yale is an equal opportunity employer. Contact: sidi.chen@yale.edu

Computational Biology – Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Research Scientist at Yale University


Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Research Scientist – Computational Biology position(s) available in Sidi Chen Laboratory at Yale University (https://sidichenlab.org). This individual carries out computational research and development activities as directed by the PI.

#Minimal Required Education and Experience: 

PhD Degree in the area of computer science, computational biology, bioinformatics, data science, biostatistics, physics, or relevant scientific disciplines and strong skill sets of computing.

Preferred specific skills or experience:

  1. Linux / Unix operating systems, server operation, awk or similar languages
  2. Custom scripting with Perl, Python, and/or C++
  3. Data analysis and graphics using R or similar
  4. Analysis of large datasets such as genomics, transcriptomics/RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, single cell sequencing, mass-spec/proteomics/metabolomics, genetic screening such as CRISPR screens
  5. Processing of large complex datasets such as high-content imaging, clinical data
  6. Machine learning, artificial intelligence 
  7. Software development, API
  8. Fluent English communications

Principal responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. Analysis of large datasets
  2. Design of complex libraries
  3. Analysis of large datasets with integration from experimental metadata
  4. Data integration from multiple sources, high-dimensional data analysis
  5. Mentoring and teaching computational skills to lab members
  6. Other projects or tasks as assigned by the PI

Interested individuals please email sidi.chen@yale.edu or sidichenlab@gmail.com with the following:

1. Title: Application for Postdoctoral Fellow or Associate Research Scientist – Computational Biology

2. CV, highlighting relevant required / preferred specific skills and experience

3. Example codes to demonstrate the coding skills, or GitHub links 

4. Other example graphics, softwares, websites created by custom coding to showcase expertise

5. Names and contacts of three or more referees, including primary doctoral mentor

Yale University is an equal opportunity employer.


Postdoctoral Scholar or Associate Research Scientist of COVID-19 research at Yale University:
(Posted 01/03/2021)
Postdoctoral Scholar or Associate Research Scientist position available in Sidi Chen Laboratory at Yale University. This individual carries out research and development projects on COVID-19 research directed by the PI.

Potential research directions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Development of novel vaccines against COVID-19 or other coronaviruses
  2. Development of antibody or other types of therapeutics
  3. Viral biology and host immunology
  4. Technologies applicable to viral detection, therapeutics, prevention or research
  5. Viral genome informatics, immunogenomics and data science
  6. Other projects as assigned by the PI

Minimal Required Education and Experience:
PhD, MD or MD/PhD
Experience in immunology, virology, molecular biology, bioengineering, bioinformatics, and/or relevant scientific disciplines.

Preferred skills:

  1. Basic molecular cell biology, e.g. construct design, cell culture, is required.
  2. Fundamental immunology such as multi-color flow is required. Other immunology skills are a plus.
  3. Basic bioinformatics required. Advanced bioinformatic skills is a plus.
  4. Experience in virology or infectious disease research is a plus.
  5. Vaccine development experience is a plus.

Interested individuals please send an email to sidichenlab@gmail.com and/or sidi.chen@yale.edu with the following:

  1. Title: Application for Position of Postdoctoral Scholar or Associate Research Scientist of COVID-19 research
  2. CV, highlighting required / preferred specific skills and experience
  3. Names and contacts of three or more referees, including primary doctoral mentor

Yale University is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage candidates from under-represented populations to apply.

New Positions Available (11/16/2019)

Associate Research Scientists (ARS):
Preferred experience or skills:
1. Experience in managing multiple projects in immunooncology
2. Antibody therapeutic development
3. Protein biochemistry

Computational Biologists:
Preferred experience or skills:
1. Coding skills in R, Python, Perl or C/C++
2. Hands on experience in bioinformatics, large scale data processing, and data visualization
3. Solid background in statistics

Laboratory Technicians:
Preferred experience or skills:
1. Molecular biology and Cell biology
2. Animal work, including basic handling, procedures and care
3. Biochemistry

Cell Therapy Scientists and/or Physician Scientists:
Preferred experience or skills:
1. Adoptive cell therapy, CAR-T, TCR-T, or alike
2. Process development, vector development, GLP/GMP
3. Experience in cell therapy clinic is preferred

Viral Therapy Scientists:
Preferred experience or skills:
1. Viral therapy development
2. Virus prep, including but not limited to AAV, lentivirus, Adenovirus, HSV, Oncolytic virus
3. New vector development and optimization

Postdoc candidates may directly apply by email (sidichenlab@gmail.com).
Preferred experience or skills:
1. Computational biology, statistics, big data, machine learning, bioinformatics
2. Antibody engineering, campaign, production, characterization and development
3. Mass spec, metabolomics, proteomics, protein characterization and engineering
4. In vivo immunology and immunotherapy models
5. Genome engineering, bioengineering, technology development

– PhD, MD, or MD-PhD in immunology, cancer biology, biochemistry, genetics, bioengineering, or equivalent.
– CV, with key publications
– 3 letters of references, or contacts of 3 referees, including one from doctoral mentor
– Description of future research interests and brief plan (~1pp)

Graduate Students:
Interested students may contact Dr. Chen via Yale email (sidi.chen@yale.edu).
The lab is currently open to students from MD-PhD, BBS/Genetics, BBS/Immunobiology tracks. Other students or fellows may contact for discussion on a case-by-case scenario.

Please reach out to Dr. Chen directly. Certain students may be eligible for fellowships supported by Yale College or other sources.

Postgrad candidates may apply by email (sidichenlab@gmail.com).
Requirements: Bachelor degree in biology, bioengineering, biomedical science, chemistry, or similar.

Please send an email to sidichenlab@gmail.com for inquiry or application. The email should:

  1. Use a title line indicating the position of interest, 
  2. Attach an updated CV, 
  3. Briefly describe previous research experience / accomplishments and future interests, 
  4. Include names of three referees.

Salary and benefits will follow the guidelines of Yale School of Medicine.
We strongly encourage women and minorities to apply for these positions.

Yale University is an equal opportunity employer.

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