We seek a global understanding of the molecular factors controlling cancer progression and anti-tumor immunity. Towards this end, we utilize a diverse set of modern tools including high-throughput screening, in vivo CRISPR genome editing, animal models, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics. Our goal is to uncover novel insights in cancer and develop them into the next generation of therapeutics.

Our research is supported by:

-National Institutes of Health
-National Cancer Institute
-The Mary Kay Foundation
-Ludwig Family Foundation
-Melanoma Research Alliance
-St. Baldrick’s Foundation
-Breast Cancer Alliance

-Cancer Research Institute
-Damon Runyon
-The V Foundation
-Sontag Foundation
-Chenevert Foundation

Latest Highlights

5/08/2020: Congrats to Ryan, Johanna and colleagues for their preprint describing pegFinder in bioRxiv! pegFinder is a web tool for designing CRISPR prime editing guide RNAs (pegRNAs). Check it out here: http://pegfinder.sidichenlab.org/

4/16/2020: Congrats to Ryan and colleagues for their preprint on COVID-19 in bioRxiv!

10/14/2019: Congrats to Guangchuan, Ryan and colleagues for their paper in Nature Immunology!

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